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Tuition and fees for the Certificate in Digital Communication are computed on a credit-hour basis. The estimated tuition and fees for the program are:


N.C. resident


Tuition per credit hour*



Tuition per course



Estimated program tuition* (9 credit hours)









Administrative Fees

Total fees per credit hour*


Total fees per course




Estimated program fees (9 credit hours)


*Tuition and fees are based on estimated 2017-18 rates. Tuition and fees are subject to change and generally increase each academic year. 

Other Program Costs

Books and other course supplies:  Students should budget $150 per course for books, subscriptions or other purchases required by the instructor.

Computers and internet connection:  Students are expected to have access to an updated computer running the latest Mac or PC operating system. A high-speed Internet connection where you plan to complete your coursework is required.

Financial Concerns

Unfortunately, there are no grants or loans at this time available through UNC for students in the certificate program. Students in the certificate program are not eligible to receive Federal Student Aid. In general, students must be pursuing a degree in order to be eligible for Federal Student Aid. However, students can apply for private educational loans. Many students seek aid through their employer.

In many cases, students can claim a tax credit or deduction for some or all of their higher education expenses. Consult a tax adviser or preparer for more details.

Are certificate courses eligible for The University of North Carolina tuition benefit?

Yes, certificate courses are eligible for The University of North Carolina tuition benefit. Please check with Human Resources at your UNC System campus for more information. Please note that not all UNC campuses offer the tuition waiver for summer courses. UNC-Chapel Hill employees can find information on the tuition waiver policy at on this page

Installment Payment Plan

The Office of the University Cashier offers an installment payment plan.

Tuition payment plans and all other financial arrangements are made through the University Cashier. The MJ-school school does not handle any monetary issues in house.