Research Publication Roundup: September 2017

A vibrant and collaborative interdisciplinary research culture at the UNC School of Media and Journalism creates new knowledge, advances scholarship and helps reinvent media. Below is a list of recently published or presented scholarship by MJ-school faculty and students.



Wu, L. & Gibson, R. (2017). Control frame dominate E-cigarette news articles. Newspaper Research Journal, 38(2), 245-258.
This article is a content analysis of framing in in news stories and editorials about e-cigarettes. Overall, content was supportive of tobacco control initiatives for e-cigarettes.  Stories focusing on e-cigarette control were most likely to most quote the FDA and CDC as sources, whereas e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers were the most quoted sources in articles about the e-cigarette industry.

Austin, L. & Gaither, B. M. (2017). Perceived motivations for corporate social responsibility initiatives in socially stigmatized industries. Public Relations Review.
This study explores how company-cause relationships and acknowledgement of benefit impacts perceived motivations and skepticism. Low-fit Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) appeared to be more in the public’s interest and more values-driven than high-fit. Acknowledgement of benefit did not impact skepticism.

Caboksy, J. M. Advertising Gay and Lesbian-Themed Films to Mainstream and Niche Audiences: Variations in Portrayal of Intimacy and Stereotypes. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 25(3). 
This article examines advertisements for gay- and lesbian-themed films from 1980 to 2013. Findings suggest that films marketed to mainstream audiences had advertisements that less frequently portrayed same-sex intimacy. Findings also showed that portrayals of gays and lesbians have generally not changed over time. This indicated that advertisements may differ more based on the market segment being reached than the date an advertisement was made.