Senior Legacy Campaign Breakfast 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

Freedom Forum Conference Center

About the event

Seniors who make their legacy gift to the MJ-school will receive an invitation for a special senior breakfast on Monday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to noon in the Freedom Forum Conference Center. If you do not receive a Paperless Post invitation prior to the event, please bring proof of your gift to the door.

The event will have food from Chick-fil-A, Rise Biscuits Donuts, Dunkin' Donuts and Cafe Carolina & Bakery!


The MJ-school directly receives 100 percent of each and every donation, for use as stipulated by the campaign. And you don’t have to sacrifice much to leave your heelprint!

The Senior Legacy Campaign

The Senior Legacy Campaign is the MJ-school’s senior giving initiative aimed at providing the school with resources that help to maintain its status among the top journalism schools in the nation. Seniors who give their gift contribute to the legacy the MJ-school has fostered for its graduates.

Giving is easy! Seniors can give any amount to any designation in the school — however, we encourage giving an unrestricted gift of $20.18. By giving an unrestricted gift, you are giving Dean Susan King the opportunity to put your generosity to work immediately, wherever the need is greatest. These gifts benefit students, faculty and programs across the school.

Leave your legacy to the school who gave you the opportunity to Start Here and Never Stop.

— John Vollmer ’18, MJSA Senior Legacy Campaign Chair


  • Seniors who provide a contribution of $10 or more will receive a Class of 2018 decal from UNC
  • Seniors who contribute at least $20.18 will receive a Tar Heel lapel pin to wear at graduation and a Class of 2018 decal from UNC
  • Seniors who donate at least $20.18 and also join the GAA will be eligible for a Bell Tower Climb Fast Pass! (Deadline: Wednesday, April 18)
  • Seniors who donate to the UNC School of Media and Journalism will receive an invitation to the Senior Legacy Breakfast! (Deadline: Monday, April 23)


Senior Marshals

Each year, senior class marshals work hand in hand with the Office of University Development to create a student-centered giving campaign. Class of 2018 senior class marshals in the MJ-school include Chrissy Boals, Jessica Amberg, Tierra Marsh, Shawn Hines, Alexx Celetti, Catherine Armstrong, Karli Krasnipol and Stevie Coleman. Support your fellow MJ-schoolers by listing their name when you make a gift!


Senior Legacy Donors

  • Barbrianna Adams
  • Elizabeth M. Adkins
  • Jessica Allen
  • Jessica Amberg
  • Catie Ball
  • Alexis Bell (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Hannah P Bensky
  • Georgeanne Blackerby
  • Samantha Blum
  • Chrissy Boals
  • Savannah Britt (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Olivia Buffington (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Charlotte Chilton
  • Stevie Coleman
  • Chandler Coley
  • Cole del Charco
  • Eliza Duckworth
  • Ali Dunlap
  • Kristen Goldberg
  • Heather Grace
  • Samantha Grimm
  • Kathryn Guild
  • Caeli Morgan Harr
  • Lauren Hong
  • Rachel Horowitz (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Hannah F. Hudson (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Allison Johnson
  • Jackson Jones
  • John Joyce
  • Alexis Juarez (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Karli Krasnipol
  • Alana Koontz
  • Emily Kupec
  • Kristen Marino
  • Tierra Marsh (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Jacqueline Martinez
  • Kelsey Mason
  • Nicola McIrvine (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Lauren Miller
  • Allie Mobley
  • Marissa O'Neill
  • Lydia Odom
  • Anna Overton
  • Samantha Paisley
  • Cynthia Price
  • Alexa Pursley
  • Rachel Rhodes
  • Rebecca Richardson
  • William Rierson
  • Sissy Rodriguez
  • Abbey Rogers
  • Megan Royer
  • Allison Tate
  • Sloan Hampton Taylor
  • Lindsay Thompson
  • Kathleen Van Gurp
  • Nicole Vandiford
  • John Vollmer (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Kyle Werner (MJ-school Ambassador)
  • Haley White
  • Avery Williams
  • Jasmine Juhee Won
  • Justin Wynn (MJ-school Ambassador)

Updated: April 25, 2018

For more information

For more information, please contact MJSA President Kyle Werner (, MJSA Senior Legacy Campaign chair John Vollmer (, MJSA Adviser Robin Jackson ( or MJSA Adviser Kathleen Collette (