MJ-school welcomes newest MATC cohort

View the Storify story below to learn about the 2016 MATC cohort's two-day orientation this week.
The new cohort is (by row, left to right):

Front row

  • Sarah Chun, senior copywriter at the American Institute of CPAs
  • Lindsey Luxon, communications specialist, RTI International
  • Stephany Pritchard, manager of communications and new media, American Board of Pediatrics

Middle row

  • Megan Mendenhall, staff photographer, Duke University
  • Elizabeth Poindexter, director of communications, UNC School of Medicine Department of Allied Health Sciences
  • Katherine Maddux, content strategist, Bravado Creative

Back row

  • Jay Clark, interim chief of communications for academic affairs, East Carolina University
  • Aaron Hawkins, digital communications manager, University of North Carolina General Administration
  • Christopher Rogers, freelance copy editor