2016 UNC MJ-school doctoral grads all land academic posts

Finding a job after graduation can be a daunting thought for many students graduating across the nation. The doctoral students at the UNC School of Media and Journalism, however, don’t have to worry.

The entire graduating class has already secured positions for their post-grad career. Four of the five students have accepted tenure-track positions at leading universities, and the other has been awarded a unique – and highly competitive – post-doctoral fellowship.

  • Justin Blankenship becomes an assistant professor at Auburn University.
  • Suzannah Evans becomes an assistant professor at Indiana University.
  • Diane Francis becomes an assistant professor at Louisiana State University.
  • Kylah Hedding becomes an assistant professor at the University of Iowa.
  • Elise Stevens has accepted three-year post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Oklahoma, where she joins an interdisciplinary team of researchers using brain imaging to study cognitive science, neuropsychology and biological psychology and how these fields can inform effective message design for improving health outcomes.

Over the past five years, the MJ-school's doctoral graduates have gone on to work both domestically and internationally in positions such as presidents of companies, consultants, assistant professors, research scientists and more.

Some of the universities where the school’s doctoral grads have landed include Samford University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Daegu University in South Korea.

Other organizations that recent grads now work for include the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa, HR Brain for Hire and innovation Research & Training.

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