Start Here / Never Stop Podcast: Patrick Winn '03

Alumnus Patrick Winn '03 is the Asia correspondent at Public Radio International, where he focuses on the process of redefining the portrayal of criminals in Southeast Asia. Winn’s voice is heard by millions through NPR stations, including a BBC co-production, The World.

Winn has many published works, which have appeared on NBC News, BBC, The Times of London and other outlets. In June 2018, he published Hello Shadowlands, a book that describes the journey from Myanmar’s anarchic hills to the swamplands of Vietnam, from the Thai-Malaysia borderlands to the back alleys of Manila, and to other landscapes where crime syndicates thrive.

Winn has received the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award — known as the “poor man’s Pulitzer” — as well as a National Press Club award and three Human Rights Press Awards from Amnesty International. Since 2008, Winn has lived in Thailand, where he speaks and reads Thai. His wife, Pailin Wedel '04, is also a graduate of the UNC School of Media and Journalism and was featured on the Start Here / Never Stop Podcast in November 2017

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