UNC at 44th annual AEJMC Southeast Colloquium

Fourteen faculty members, alumni and graduate students will represent the UNC School of Media and Journalism March 8-9, 2019, at the 44th annual AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) Southeast Colloquium in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Carolina contingent scholars will participate in research panels and present authored or co-authored papers and presentations.

Carolina faculty and graduate student activities at AEJMC Southeast 2019 include:

Friday, March 8 - Morning
  • Donald Shaw (faculty emeritus) with Anne Cooper will present, “Audiences and Agendas: Did Public Opinion Enable Mainstream Media Criticism of Trump?”
  • Meredith Collins (M.A. student) will present, “Secret’s Out: Is Medical Information Ever Truly Private?”

Friday, March 8 – Afternoon
  • Alumnus Brooks Fuller '06, '17 (Ph.D) and Kyla Garrett Wagner (Ph.D. student) will present, “Porn Wars: Serious Value, Social Harm, and the Fallout of a Pseudo-Feminist Obscenity Doctrine.”
  • Alex Kresovich (Ph.D. student) will present, “808s & Chart Place: A Longitudinal Content Analysis of the Most Popular Rap Songs in the United States for References to Struggles with Mental Illness.”
  • Michele Meyer (Ph.D. student) will present, “Hostile Media Bias and Third-Person Effect in Film and Television.”
  • Ashley Fox (M.A. student) will present, “Examining False Speech Regarding Election Administration.”
  • Amanda Reid will present, “Deciding Fair Use: What Is It, Who Decides It & Why It Matters.”
  • Kyla Garrett Wagner (Ph.D. student) and Kriste Patrow (Ph.D. student) will present, “Is an Ounce of Censorship Worth a Pound of Cure? Examining the Protection of Public Health as Justification for Suppressing Free Speech.”
  • Victoria Smith Ekstrand, Shao Chengyuan (Ph.D. student) and Mariam Turner (M.A. student) will present, “Controversial Speakers and Campus Speech: What the Goldwater Statutes Get Wrong About the First Amendment.”
  • Kirsten Adams (Ph.D. student) will present, “Faith in the White House: Public Perceptions of U.S. Presidents’ Communicative Performance of Spiritual Leadership.”
  • Evelyn Mitchell (M.A. student) will present, “#freethenipple and Legal Ripples: Indecency Provisions in a Changing Social Landscape.”

The full conference program can be found on the AEJMC Southeast website.