UNC at the 67th annual conference of the International Communication Association

Six faculty members, 11 graduate students and three alumnae will represent the UNC School of Media and Journalism May 25-29, 2017, at the 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in San Diego.

The Carolina contingent of 20 scholars will present authored or co-authored papers.

Carolina faculty and student activities at ICA 2017 include:

Thursday, May 25 (Pre-conference day)
  • Laura Marshall (Ph.D. student) will participate in the panel session, “Comments, Anyone? Multidisciplinary Approaches for Analyzing Online User Comments across News and Other Content Formats.”
Friday, May 26 — Morning
  • Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. student) will present, “Following Religion: Relationship cultivation tactics on Twitter.”
  • Meghan Sobel '15 (Ph.D.), Seoyeon Kim (Ph.D. student) and Daniel Riffe, and  will present,"The World at War: Three and a Half Decades of New York Times Conflict Coverage."
Friday, May 26 — Afternoon
  • Jennifer Harker (Ph.D. student) and Adam Saffer will present, “A 25-Year Semantic Network and Bibliometric Analysis of the Sport Crisis Communication Literature.”
  • Taeho Lee (Ph.D. student) will present, “Exploring millennials’ perceptions of corporate social responsibility and the role of moral identity.”
  • Bolin Cao (City University of Hong Kong), Joseph Tucker (UNC School of Medicine) and Adam Saffer will present, "Social media engagement and HIV testing among men who have sex with men in China."
  • Adam Saffer will present at the panel session, "What Computational Methods Can Contribute to Communication Studies."
  • Nori Comello will present, "GIFTS: Using a survey-embedded online experiment (and cookies) to teach undergraduates about experimental design."
Saturday, May 27 — Afternoon
  • Jessica Myrick '13 (Ph.D.)Seth NoarJennah Sontag (Ph.D. student)and Dannielle Kelley (Ph.D. student) will present, “Outcome expectations mediate the relationship between sources of health and beauty information and indoor tanning behavior.”
  • Scott Brennen (Ph.D. student) will present, "Dark Matters: The Medial-Technique Continuity of Science." 
Sunday, May 28 — Morning
  • Trevor Bell (Ph.D. student) and Autumn Shafer (University Oregon) will present, "Using Theory of Planned Behavior to Improve Adolescent and Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Management."
Sunday, May 28 — Afternoon
  • Diane Francis '16 (Ph.D.), Seth Noar, Deborah Fortune (North Carolina Central University) and Adaora Adimora will present, “Be straight up and so will he: Impact of an innovative HIV prevention intervention targeting young black women.”
  • Rhonda Gibson and Chris Etheridge (Ph.D. student) will present, “Identity Negotiation within the Family: How Transgender TV Characters Challenge Gendered Family Roles.”
Monday, May 29 — Morning
  • Allison Lazard, Lindsey Horrell (UNC School of Nursing), Erin Sutfin (Wake Forest University), Jessica Pikowski (M.A. student), Jennifer Cornacchione (Wake Forest University) and Seth Noar will present, “Information and Delivery Preferences of Adolescents and Young Adults for Tobacco Education Websites."
Monday, May 29 — Afternoon
  • Adam Saffer will present, "Exploring civil society relationships in ecosystems of uncertainty and hostility: A qualitative network approach to exploring of Chinese NGOs Relationships."
  • Andy King and Allison Lazard will present, "Improving First Impressions of Health Websites: The Influence of Visual Complexity on Positive Elaboration"


The full conference schedule can be found on the ICA website.