UNC at 68th annual ICA conference in Prague

Eight graduate students and 10 faculty members will represent the UNC School of Media and Journalism May 24-28, 2018, at the 68th annual conference of the International Communication Association in Prague.

The Carolina contingent scholars will participate in panel sessions and present authored or co-authored papers.

Carolina faculty and graduate student activities at ICA 2018 include:

Thursday, May 24 – Morning
  • Laura H. Marshall '13 (M.A.), '17 (Ph.D.) will present, “Interactive Framing: How Online Groups Redefine Frames.”


Friday, May 25 – Morning
  • Deb Aikat will present, “Friending Facebook and Trusting Twitter: News Agendamelding in India’s Networked Society.”
  • Marissa G. Hall (UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center), Adam J. Saffer and Seth M. Noar will present, “A Secondary Audience’s Reactions to the Real Cost Campaign: Results from a Study of U.S. Young Adults.”
  • Michele Meyer (Ph.D. student) will present, “The Impact of Social Media on Non-Monosexuals’ Responses to Discrimination: A Co-Cultural Approach.”
  • Jennifer Morgan (Pennsylvania), Shelley Golden (UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health), Seth M. Noar, Kurt Ribisl (UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health), Brian G. Southwell, Michelle Jeong (UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center), Marissa G. Hall (UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center) and Noel T. Brewer (UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health) will present, “Conversations about Pictorial Cigarette Pack Warnings: Theoretical Mechanisms of Influence.”


Friday, May 25 – Afternoon
  • Taeho Lee '17 (Ph.D.) and Nori G. Comello will present, “Exploring the Effect of Transparent CSR Communication in Stigmatized Industries.”
  • Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. student) will present, “Mapping the Knowledge Construction in the Invisible College of Dialogue Research.”


Saturday, May 26 – Morning
  • Daniel Kreiss, Deen Freelon, Andrew Perrin (UNC Department of Sociology) and Philip M. Napoli (Duke University) will present, “A State-Level View of the Crisis in U.S. Democracy: Mapping the Political and Media Dynamics of North Carolina Over the Past Decade.”
  • Yan Jin (University of Georgia), Lucinda L. Austin, LaShonda L. Eaddy (Southern Methodist University), Shelley Spector (Museum of Public Relations), Bryan H. Reber (University of Georgia) and Camila Espina (University of Georgia) will present, “How Financial Crisis History Informs Ethical Corporate Communication: Insights from Public Relations Leaders.”
  • Sandi W. Smith (UNC Department of Anthropology), Merry Morash (Michigan State University), Brandon Walling (Michigan State University), Elizabeth Adams (Ph.D. student) and Jennifer Cobbina (Michigan State University) will present, “Precursors to Probation and Parole Agent Communication Style with Female Clients.”


Saturday, May 26 – Afternoon
  • Seoyeon Kim (Ph.D. student) will present, “Differentiating Accidental Crisis Types: Examining Effects on Organizations’ Perceived Responsibility, Reputation, and Corporate Ability.”


Sunday, May 27 – Morning
  • Josh Barker (Ph.D. student), Dannielle Kelley '17 (Ph.D.), Seth M. Noar, Beth A. Reboussin (Wake Forest University), Jennifer Cornacchione Ross (Wake Forest University) and Erin L. Sutfin (Wake Forest University) will present, “Adolescent and Young Adult E-cigarette Outcome Expectations: Implications for Health Messaging from a National Study.”
  • Jennifer Cornacchione Ross (Wake Forest University), Allison J. Lazard, Beth A. Reboussin (Wake Forest University), Seth M. Noar, Jessica L. King (Wake Forest University) and Erin L. Sutfin (Wake Forest University) will present, “Impact of New FDA Cigar Warnings among Young Adults in the USA.”
  • Daniel Kreiss will chair the paper presentation session, “New Research on the 2016 American Presidential Election.”
  • Stephanie Mahin '17 (Ph.D.) and Joe Bob Hester will present, “Tweet This! How Activist Organizations Use Mobilizing Information During Crises.”
  • Yan Jin (University of Georgia), Lucinda L. Austin, Santosh Vijaykumar (Northumbria University), Hyoyeun Jun (University of Georgia) and Glen Nowak (University of Georgia) will present, “Communicating about Infectious Disease Threats (IDTs): Insights from Public Health Information Officers (PIOs).”
  • Lucinda L. Austin, Yan Jin (University of Georgia), Brooke Fisher Liu '06 (Ph.D.) and Seoyeon Kim (Ph.D. student) will present, “Coping with Outbreaks: Towards an Infectious Disease Threat (IDT) Appraisal Model for Risk Communication.”
  • Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. student) and Jennifer L. Harker '18 (Ph.D.) will present, “Unpacking the Engagement Ideograph: A Network Analysis of Engagement Research in Public Relations.”


Sunday, May 27 – Afternoon
  • Adam J. Saffer will present, “Measuring the Cocreational Outcomes of Engagement: Combining Network and Semantic Approaches.”


Monday, May 28 – Morning
  • Elizabeth Adams (Ph.D. student), Elisia L. Cohen (Minnesota), Whittney Darnell (Kentucky) and Andrew Bernard (Kentucky) will present, “Can Opioid Gatekeepers Demonstrate Patient-Centered Care? A Concept Viability Assessment in Acute Care Settings.”
  • Aimei Yang (University of Southern California), Adam J. Saffer and Yiqi Li (University of Southern California) will present, “Doing Business in a Politically Polarized Society: An Expectation Violation Theory Approach to CSR-Based Challenge Crises.”
  • Seoyeon Kim (Ph.D. student) and Lucinda L. Austin will present, “Socially Responsible Business Practices Outperform Philanthropy: Effects of Corporate Social Initiative Strategy on Company Perceptions.”
  • Daniel Kreiss and Shannon C. McGregor (University of Utah) will present, “Interpreting the User: Technology Firms’ Limited Imaginations of Their Democratic Responsibilities.”


Monday, May 28 – Afternoon
  • Daniel Kreiss and Holly Roberts (M.A. student) will present, “Navigating Difficult Terrain: Revealing the Hidden Experiences of U.S. Women Working in Political Technology.”


The full conference program can be found on ICA’s website.