UNC at AEJMC 2015 in San Francisco

More than 30 faculty members and graduate students represented the UNC School of Media and Journalism Aug. 6 – 9 at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) national convention in San Francisco.

The Carolina contingent presented authored or co-authored papers or research posters, as well as received honors and serve as moderators, discussants and panelists. 

Three of this year’s AEJMC award winners from UNC include:

  • Deb Aikat, 2014 – 15 Scripps Howard Foundation Research Grant Award.
  • Tori Ekstrand, second place faculty paper award for “A First Amendment Right to Know for the Disabled: Internet Accessibility Under the ADA.”
  • Joseph Cabosky and Rhonda Gibson, top faculty paper award in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Interest Group for "Use of Pro- and Anti- GLBT Organizations in the News: A Longitudinal Content Analysis."

In addition to our award winners, Carolina faculty and student activities at AEJMC 2015 include:

Aug. 6 — Morning

  • Adam Saffer presented "Helping Students Help Themselves: Tapping Students' Weak Ties."
  • Meghan Sobel presented “Sex Trafficking in Thai Media: A Content Analysis of Issue Framing.”
  • Heidi Hennink-Kaminski served as a panelist for the PR&R Panel Session “Early Career Guidance: Landing the First Faculty Job and Beyond.”

Aug. 6 — Afternoon

  • Sada Reed  presented “First Amendment Protection or Right of Publicity Violation? Examining the Application of Transformative Use Test in Keller and Hart.”
  • Justin Blankenship presented "The New Norm: 'Publicness' and self-disclosure among U.S. Journalists on social media.”
  • Suzannah Evans, Daniel Riffe and Joe Bob Hester presented “NGOs, Hybrid Connective Action, and the People's Climate March.”
  • Rhonda Gibson and Lu Wu presented “Framing E-Cigarettes: News Media Coverage of the Popularity and Regulation of ‘Vaping.’”
  • Jesse Abdenour presented “Digital Gumshoes: Investigative Journalists¹ Use of Social Media in Television News Reporting.”
  • Karen McIntyre presented “Constructive Journalism: A Definition and Practical Guide for Applying Positive Psychology Techniques to News Production.”
  • Deb Aikat served as a panelist for the panel session “Exploring Stronger Research Ties Between the Academy and the Industry.”
  • Tori Ekstrand presided over the 2015 James Tankard Book Award Finalist panel session.

Aug. 7 — Morning

  • Andy Bechtel led the annual Breakfast of Editing Champions.
  • Lynn Owens presented "Tweet This: Two Weeks on the Social Media Frontlines."
  • Brooks Fuller presented “The Angry Pamphleteer: Borderline Political Speech on Twitter and the True Threats Distinction under Watts v. United States.”
  • Jeannette Porter presented “We Just Can’t Talk About Mental Health: An Analysis of African-American Urban Community Leader Interviews.”

Aug. 7 — Afternoon

  • Jesse Abdenour and Daniel Riffe presented “'Erosion' of Television City Hall Reporting? Perceptions of Reporters on the 2014 Beat.”
  • Justin Blankenship and Daniel Riffe presented "Looking for the Truth in the Noise: Epistemic Political Efficacy, Cynicism and Support for Super PACs.”
  • Sada Reed, Yioryos Nardis, Emily Ogilvie and Daniel Riffe presented “Thatcherism and the Eurozone Crisis: A Social Systems-level Analysis of British, Greek, and German News Coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s Death.”
  • Lu Wu  presented “How do National and Regional Newspapers Cover Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? A Content Analysis.”

Aug. 8 — Morning

  • Elise Stevens and Kyla Garrett presented “GIRLS and Sex: A Content Analysis of Sexual Health Depictions in HBO’s GIRLS.”

Aug. 8 — Afternoon

  • Brooks Fuller presented “Pornography, Feminist Questions, and New Conceptualizations of ‘Serious Value’ in Sexual Media.”
  • Kyla Garrett presented “Scrutinizing the Public Health Debates Regarding the Adult Film Industry: An In-Depth Case Analysis of the Health-Based Arguments in Vivid Entertainment, LLC v. Fielding.”
  • Tae Ho Lee and Hyosun Kim presented “CSR Without Transparency is Not Good Enough: Examining the Effect of CSR Fit and Transparency Efforts on Skepticism and Trust Toward Organizations.”
  • Elise Stevens, Lu Wu, Natalee Seely and Francesca Carpentier presented “Romance and Sex on TV: A Content Analysis of Sexual and Romantic Cues on Television.”
  • Natalee Seely presented “Nineteenth Century Women’s Dress Reform: Representatives of the Bloomer Costume in North Carolina Newspaper Coverage.”
  • Laura Ruel and Lisa Villamil presented “5 Ways to Design Collaborative Courses for Digital Publications and Interactive Media.”
  • Tae Ho Lee presented “Institutional Pressure and Transparency of CSR Disclosure: A Content Analysis of CSR Press Releases at CSRwire.com.”
  • Justin Blankenship and Rhonda Gibson presented "Closed-cohort structure in online graduate programs: Advancing career opportunities for mid-career professionals."

Aug. 9 — Morning

  • Nicholas Gross presented “Native Advertising: Blurring Commercial and Noncommercial Speech Online.”

The full conference schedule can be found on the AEJMC website.