UNC at NCA annual convention in Philadelphia

The National Communication Association (NCA) 102nd Annual Convention will take place Nov. 10-13, in Philadelphia. This year’s theme is "Communication’s Civic Callings."

Three graduate students and one assistant professor will represent the School of Media and Journalism at the convention. They will serve as chairs and respondents and present authored and co-authored papers. 

UNC MJ-school faculty and student activities at NCA 2016 include:


Thursday, Nov. 10 – Morning
  • Jennifer Harker (Ph.D. student) will present, "Recall Ignites Response: How GM’s Apologia Drove Public and Media Antapologia."
  • J. Scott Brennen (M.A. '13, Ph.D. student) will present, "Fear and Loathing in the Vagus: Media, Morality and Trauma."
Thursday, Nov. 10 – Afternoon
  • Assistant Professor Adam Saffer will serve as respondent for "Scholar to Scholar: Mass Communications and Public Relations."
  • Dannielle Kelley (Ph.D. student) will present, "Exposure to STD Storylines on T.V. and Subjective Knowledge and Perceived Risk of STDs: A Mediated Approach."
Friday, Nov. 11 – Morning
  • Assistant Professor Adam Saffer will present, "NGOs, Network Agenda Building and the International Refugee Crisis: A Cross-National Social Network Study."
Friday, Nov. 11 – Afternoon
  • Assistant Professor Adam Saffer will serve as chair for "Top Faculty Papers in Public Relations."

The full program schedule can be found on the NCA website.